Jan. 16th, 2011

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So, I was going to do this as a blog your bath but then realised that much of it was the same a previous.

Yesterday, I wanted something more then a normal bath but not feeling necassarily like a bubble bar or ballistic so I followed [personal profile] nanaya's suggestion and used Glögg shower gel as a bubble bath. I worked rather wonderfully. Much lighter then a bubble bar but that's what I wanted, with lots of bubbles from not much liquid and as you shift around and bubbles burst you get wafts of smell. Wonderful. Other then that the bath was much as before except that I used Almond and Coconut smoothie more widely and it does smell divine but not sure how well it lasts as you wash it off.
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Here is the first of our archive posts about Lush's shower gels, past and present. Below are a bunch of reviews; more will be added to this post as they occur, and changes to this post will be flagged on this community as they happen.

Showel gel reviews: Chai; (The) Comforter; Flying Fox; Ghost; Glogg; Grass; Happy 4 SAD; Happy Hippy; Karma; (The) Olive Branch; Rub Rub Rub; Slammer; Snow Fairy; Sonic Death Monkey; Tramp; Uluru; Yummy Yummy Yummy )

It should be noted that almost all the shower gels can be used as bubble baths if poured under running water and fluffed up. They're reasonably effective, some more than others (thinner, clearer gels appear to work a little better than thick or creamy ones), but it's another way to try them out if you're bored with what you've got. Please check previous post by [personal profile] numberland here for more. Perhaps a discussion post about gels as bubble bath is merited?

Have you used these or any other shower gels? Please let us know and we'll happily add you reviews to ours.


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