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Jul. 9th, 2010 01:45 am
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[community profile] lushies is an unofficial community for lovers of Lush Cosmetics to share stories, photos, reviews, excitement for new products and anything else you feel like, as long as it's related to Lush or it's former sister company, BN2B2BB.

There should be tags for everything in the UK online store, although they won't be visible if the product hasn't been tagged before; if that's the case your post will be tagged for you. If you find a product that doesn't have a tag, drop one of the admins a PM with a link to the relevant product and I'll add a tag for you. The community is open to people from other countries than the UK, but I'll create you a tag for your country if the products you're writing about are not available in the UK.
Do check the tags list carefully; the list is organised using the same categories as the Lush website uses, but they may not be instinctively obvious - for example, soaps are under the "bath" category. Some other notes to bear in mind:

  • .discontinued is for items which are no longer for sale at all, even in Retro. This is the tag to use if you want to say "I miss x and I want it back!"
  • .limited edition is Limited Edition products not connected with seasonal ranges.
  • Although scrubs and smoothies are under both shower and bath on the website, they're only under shower in the tags list here.
  • Specials have their own categories; currently there's a Day of the Dead special (Calavera, Lady Catrina, &c.) and a Christmas special (Snow Fairy, Glögg, &c.)

If you'd like to share photos, please use a cut, and only put one photo outside of it. You're welcome to post up to ten more beneath the cut. All photos, no matter where they are in your post, should display at no more than 500px wide or tall, though of course you can link them to hi-res versions if you like. Please don't post photos that don't belong to you without permission.

[personal profile] nanaya and I are compiling archive posts containing reviews of different products - there will eventually be a post of mini-reviews for shampoo, soaps, other hair products, gels, jellies, etc. It's just us doing these, so that all the posts are in the same format - but we may ask if we can borrow your review to include (with credit of course) if you write something we think is awesome.

Any other questions, just ask!
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Thanks to the lovely friend_of_tofu, I have absolutely loads of Lush goodies in my bathroom. Sorry for the delayed write up L - I hope to update semi-regularly and I do really appreciate your generosity.

BATH BASE: I used The Carrot for my bathwater. It bubbled up very well and like all Lush bath products, created a silky soft bath. The smell wasn't particularly strong, but I didn't mind really as sometimes when having a Lush bonanza bath, you lose a bit of smellegent notes in the blend. The green, plastic carrot top bit seemed a bit pointless since it's headed straight for the bin, so I'm knocking a point off. 9/10.

FACE: Turkish Delight is one of the more expensive products, and I use it sparingly as a face wash. The *real* rose-scented goodness and creaminess work a treat on combination skin. 10/10.

HAIR: A bottle marked 'mystery shampoo' was almost certainly I Love Juicy, as the blast of grapefruit indicated. It produces masses of squeaky clean bubbles and invigorates the scalp. The smell can be a bit full on, but would be a brilliant for an early morning shower. 7/10.

HAIR: Followed by Veganese conditioner - I do love American Cream for it's gorgeous vanilla scent, but it's way too heavy and leaves my hair feeling greasy. Veganese doesn't have much of a strong scent, but it's very light and very useful for long, tangly hair. 8/10.

FACE: post bath I moisturised my face with just a wee bit of Gorgeous moisturiser - another very expensive treat. As the Turkish Delight is so soft, I sometimes skip this step but felt I needed a bit more help today since my skin's been a bit flakey. It's a bit soupy, not as thick as other Lush moiusturisers I've used, but a little bit goes a long way. I didn't really get much of a strong scent which was a bit disappointing, and based on the price, would give it a 5/10.
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This is a really big list, because it includes Lush, B & Gorilla perfumes. Over the years, the Constantines have been responsible for rather a lot of fragrances, in a number of different forms. I've covered ones that I have knowledge of, but it's nowhere near exhaustive. I've never managed to get my hands on Big, Jungle, Floreat or Flirt, for starters, so as ever, please chip in with opinions if you've ever used these, or any other Lush-related scents.

American Cream )

Amondopondo )

Bathos )

Breath Of God )

Black Pearl )

B Scent )

Snowshowers, aka Champagne Snowshowers )

Cinders )

Cocktail )

The Comforter )

Day Of The Dead )

Dear John )

Dirty )

Exhale )

Fever )

Fire Tree )

Flower Market )

Ginger )

Go Green )

Honey I Washed The Kids )

Icon )

Imogen Rose )

Inhale )

Karma )

Keep It Fluffy )

Ladyboy )

Love )

Lust )

The Olive Branch )

Old Delhi Station )

Om )

Orange Blossom )

Oudh Heart )

Potion )

Sakura )

Silky Underwear )

Skinny Dip )

The Smell Of Freedom )

The Smell Of Weather Turning )

Snowcake )

Something Wicked This Way Comes )

So White )

Sultana Of Fragrance )

Superworld Unknown )

Tramp )

Tuca Tuca )

Two Hearts )

V )

1000 Kisses Deep )

I haven't given any of these products marks out of 10 as I just feel fragrances are too personal for them to offer much in the way of useful guidance; however, don't let that stop you if you'd like to!
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I'm starting off the bath products with the shortest list, basically! Bath melts are oil-heavy, slow-release treats aimed at long, indolent baths. Not really the thing for a 'busy' bath, especially if you plan on washing your hair, but great for pampering. They tend towards the sweeter end of the scent ranges, and they typically create a small amount of froth, but they aren't really 'soapy'.
Aqua Mirabilis, Ceridwen's Cauldron, Creamy Candy, Dreamtime, Floating Island, Happy Blooming, In The Nude, Karma, MMM, Star, Something Wicked, You've Been Mangoed )

I look forward to reading your contributions.
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Lush recently launched a complete range of 'Dirty' cosmetics, based on the B Never perfume of the same name. Despite the name, all the products are clean and fresh scented. I've been using most of these recently, so here's my rundown of the whole lot:
Reviews under the cut )
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Lush has been releasing a lot of new products since the turn of the year, so I've decided to acknowledge the posting hiatus by taking a look at recent spring products. Please feel free to contribute any more reviews you may have.

First of all, there was a forum party in February, which produced 5 special one-off products:
Calacas, Snowshowers and Twilight shower gels; Moon On A Stick and OBE-Wan ballistics )

Then, also in February, Sweet & Shower was released to coincide with the campaign against Tar Sands:
Sweet & Shower )

After this, products for Mother's Day:
Tiny Hands bar, Mums ballistics )

Then the Japanese tragedies prompted the release of Japan Aid soap ), which you can still snaffle in the shops right now if you want. It's for a good cause, after all.

This year's Easter items included:
Donkey Oaty, Fluffy Egg & Hippy Chick ballistics )

There is also a limited edition Bunny Knot Wrap, which is now sold out in most of the shops but can still be acquired online.

The Dirty range, aimed mostly at men, was unveiled in time for the sudden warm weather - more on this later as the Dirty items will have their own post.

Last but not least, the Street Party ballistic has been re-released to celebrate the Royal Wedding: Street Party )

Phew! I think we're caught up now, so next I'll be looking at bath melts & perfume ranges, please do send along any and all reviews & contributions.

Happy Easter!
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Okay folks, I know that more than just [personal profile] numberland is interested in a swaps meet, but they and I are the only people to have filled in the Doodle poll re. dates so far.


Please go fill in! :) there are three options for each date/time - yes, maybe and no (green, yellow and red respectively) so you can even be non-committal about it!

Lush Swaps

Mar. 1st, 2011 05:39 pm
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[personal profile] nanaya and I have been discussing hosting a [community profile] lushies swaps meet for a while. Basically, a lot of us have stuff we don't want, and know people who might want it! So let's get together somewhere with the stuff we don't want and offer it up to our friends. Simples :)

Primarily a Lush swaps meet but any other similar cosmetics you have like Urban Decay, Barry M, Body Shop, eyseslipsface, Sweet Libertine... vegetarian/vegan, fairtrade, organic, bright colours, natural, you get the idea - are welcome too.

If you're interested, fill in this Doodle poll to indicate the best dates for you (preferably with your DW username rather than real name - I get confused when "real names" are used ;)

Note: March 27th is the date of the next Dreamwidth London meetup at [personal profile] cesy's place in south London.
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Dear Lushies, I have some Lush stuff surplus to requirements which you might like (do we have a swapshop/freebies tag?)

Any of this is free to a good home, just PM me your address. However if you do have spares then let me know as I may be interested (particularly if they're Hybrid!).

1) Honey Trap lip balm
2) Lip Service lip balm

I just don't use these any more since they introduced Beeswax. Both tins are partially used.

3) Coco Lotion hand/body lotion, 50g pot
4) Charity Pot hand/body lotion, 50g pot

These were freebies which I didn't like. Both pots have been tried but not used to any great extent.

5) Ginger soap (the pink version), unused lump
6) Happy soap, unused bar
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Time for another archive post! This one features different kinds of lip products. As ever, if you've used these or any other lip products from Lush, please comment and we'll be happy to add in your reviews.

Lip Balms & Tints: Double Choc; Eggsnog; Happy Talk; Honey Trap; It Started With A Kiss; Lip Squeak; Let Them Eat Cake; Maple Taffy; None Of Your Beeswax; Snow Fairy; T-Tree Simplex; Whipstick )

Lips Scrubs & other related products: Bubblegum; Lip Dip; Mint Julips; Sweet Lips; Ultrabalm )

I also find some of the Lush moisturisers can work well as lip treatments when your lips are suffering. I've had particularly good results from Celestial, Skin Drink and Vanishing Cream. For a big pick-me-up for sad lips, rub in some moisturiser then cover with a layer of Ultrabalm, just before you sleep. What are your solutions to winter lip unhappiness?
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Here is the first of our archive posts about Lush's shower gels, past and present. Below are a bunch of reviews; more will be added to this post as they occur, and changes to this post will be flagged on this community as they happen.

Showel gel reviews: Chai; (The) Comforter; Flying Fox; Ghost; Glogg; Grass; Happy 4 SAD; Happy Hippy; Karma; (The) Olive Branch; Rub Rub Rub; Slammer; Snow Fairy; Sonic Death Monkey; Tramp; Uluru; Yummy Yummy Yummy )

It should be noted that almost all the shower gels can be used as bubble baths if poured under running water and fluffed up. They're reasonably effective, some more than others (thinner, clearer gels appear to work a little better than thick or creamy ones), but it's another way to try them out if you're bored with what you've got. Please check previous post by [personal profile] numberland here for more. Perhaps a discussion post about gels as bubble bath is merited?

Have you used these or any other shower gels? Please let us know and we'll happily add you reviews to ours.


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