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Lush has been releasing a lot of new products since the turn of the year, so I've decided to acknowledge the posting hiatus by taking a look at recent spring products. Please feel free to contribute any more reviews you may have.

First of all, there was a forum party in February, which produced 5 special one-off products:
Calacas, Snowshowers and Twilight shower gels; Moon On A Stick and OBE-Wan ballistics )

Then, also in February, Sweet & Shower was released to coincide with the campaign against Tar Sands:
Sweet & Shower )

After this, products for Mother's Day:
Tiny Hands bar, Mums ballistics )

Then the Japanese tragedies prompted the release of Japan Aid soap ), which you can still snaffle in the shops right now if you want. It's for a good cause, after all.

This year's Easter items included:
Donkey Oaty, Fluffy Egg & Hippy Chick ballistics )

There is also a limited edition Bunny Knot Wrap, which is now sold out in most of the shops but can still be acquired online.

The Dirty range, aimed mostly at men, was unveiled in time for the sudden warm weather - more on this later as the Dirty items will have their own post.

Last but not least, the Street Party ballistic has been re-released to celebrate the Royal Wedding: Street Party )

Phew! I think we're caught up now, so next I'll be looking at bath melts & perfume ranges, please do send along any and all reviews & contributions.

Happy Easter!


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