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Well, I missed last Friday's Blog Your Bath Day. However, to celebrate the tremendously exciting news that we now have a working shower again (plus a bonus dead bee from the inside of the switch), I'm blogging last night's ablutions instead.

Having the shower back is a fantastic relief; there is such a thing as too much bathing, sometimes. Because the weather's been a little mean to us all lately, I decided to be reasonably gentle with myself, and stick mostly with tried and tested favourites. So I washed my lank hair with some deliciously revivifying Big, and now it's actually squeaky clean. It also works wonderfully with Okra conditioner for a really soft finish.

I decided to try the tub verson of Rub Rub Rub on the sturdier bits of my skin; I've used the bottle version before, but this slightly tweaked formula and better container is a substantial improvement. It's just abrasive enough to be enlivening, but not rough enough to itch and bother (I hate the solid sugar scrubs *shudder*). This is much easier to use. I found a very old but still good piece of Karma soap for more sensitive washing, and it really is a a very good combination with the Rub Rub Rub, which also contains orange blossom. Just right for being slathered with Karma Kream afterwards.

I actually washed my face with Sweet Japanese Girl, a long-vanished solid cleanser with exfoliant, like a bad-ass version of Babyface. Although I generally think Lush's facial products have improved since I've been using them, I am still a little nostalgic for SJG, which was just such an easy, hassle-free clean. You can't even get it on Retro now, though. I shall be sad when I finally use mine up.

I ended by popping some reliable King Of Skin onto the drier bits, and that was me done. Hurrah! What a glorious relief it all was.



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