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OK, this is the first of a new series of archive posts, covering different types of Lush products, including current, Retro, limited edition and otherwise unavailable varieties. We hope to collect opinions and descriptions for future reference, for all Lushies to use and enjoy.

We're starting with soaps. If you have any reviews of these or other soaps, please post them in the community and we'll add them to the archive pages for future reference. Remember to add a mark out of 10 if you can!

Reviews of Lush soaps, past and present )

We'd particularly love reviews of products not featured here, but if you've got anything to say about any of these, go right ahead!
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This *is* supposed to be on Friday, but illness intervened, so I didn't actually have a full bath til today.

As I was unwell, it was a fairly low-key bath. Had a slow-dissolving, gentle Dragon's Egg, which was just the thing, slightly invigorating but not over-stimulating. Didn't need that today. I really like the newer design of ballistics, with the 'softer', less 'snappy' dissolution, as it seems to last much longer. Maybe I'm just biased.

My hair was absolutely filthy, so a good helping of the brilliantly reliable Big to get it squeeky-clean (literally) was followed with Forever In Bloom so I didn't weigh it down. Extremely reviving.

Scrubbed with Summer Pudding soap to get clean. It's pleasant enough but is a slightly odd mix of softening and exfoliating. Light but pleasant smell, good when feeling moderately grubbt. However, since my eczema has been playing up on my legs, I used the ever-wonderful Randy Butter for the dryer patches. There's an extremely annoying dry patch on my face, just under one eye (right where my glasses sit, gr!), so, since I was out of all face masks except the counter-indicated Mask of Magnaminty, I gave it a gentle wash with Fresh Farmacy, an absolute staple for pretty much any bathroom, I feel. I do miss the layer of little camomile flowers which used to stick to the top (I miss the fact that most of the products are missing their "tops" these days) but it remains pretty effective, especially when you don't want to scrub delicate skin at all. I followed the bath up with a patch of Full Of Grace and a layer of Skin's Shangri-La, which I'm loving right now. It's not vegan because of the lanolin, but I am finding it extremely effective. It also smells positively gorgeous, something that I can't fairly say about Skin Drink.

Cheered myself up for a day indoors being ill by putting on some Karma solid perfume. There's still a little hint left and it's so very reassuring. That's why everyone likes it so much, I guess!


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