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This is a really big list, because it includes Lush, B & Gorilla perfumes. Over the years, the Constantines have been responsible for rather a lot of fragrances, in a number of different forms. I've covered ones that I have knowledge of, but it's nowhere near exhaustive. I've never managed to get my hands on Big, Jungle, Floreat or Flirt, for starters, so as ever, please chip in with opinions if you've ever used these, or any other Lush-related scents.

American Cream )

Amondopondo )

Bathos )

Breath Of God )

Black Pearl )

B Scent )

Snowshowers, aka Champagne Snowshowers )

Cinders )

Cocktail )

The Comforter )

Day Of The Dead )

Dear John )

Dirty )

Exhale )

Fever )

Fire Tree )

Flower Market )

Ginger )

Go Green )

Honey I Washed The Kids )

Icon )

Imogen Rose )

Inhale )

Karma )

Keep It Fluffy )

Ladyboy )

Love )

Lust )

The Olive Branch )

Old Delhi Station )

Om )

Orange Blossom )

Oudh Heart )

Potion )

Sakura )

Silky Underwear )

Skinny Dip )

The Smell Of Freedom )

The Smell Of Weather Turning )

Snowcake )

Something Wicked This Way Comes )

So White )

Sultana Of Fragrance )

Superworld Unknown )

Tramp )

Tuca Tuca )

Two Hearts )

V )

1000 Kisses Deep )

I haven't given any of these products marks out of 10 as I just feel fragrances are too personal for them to offer much in the way of useful guidance; however, don't let that stop you if you'd like to!
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I'm starting off the bath products with the shortest list, basically! Bath melts are oil-heavy, slow-release treats aimed at long, indolent baths. Not really the thing for a 'busy' bath, especially if you plan on washing your hair, but great for pampering. They tend towards the sweeter end of the scent ranges, and they typically create a small amount of froth, but they aren't really 'soapy'.
Aqua Mirabilis, Ceridwen's Cauldron, Creamy Candy, Dreamtime, Floating Island, Happy Blooming, In The Nude, Karma, MMM, Star, Something Wicked, You've Been Mangoed )

I look forward to reading your contributions.
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Lush has been releasing a lot of new products since the turn of the year, so I've decided to acknowledge the posting hiatus by taking a look at recent spring products. Please feel free to contribute any more reviews you may have.

First of all, there was a forum party in February, which produced 5 special one-off products:
Calacas, Snowshowers and Twilight shower gels; Moon On A Stick and OBE-Wan ballistics )

Then, also in February, Sweet & Shower was released to coincide with the campaign against Tar Sands:
Sweet & Shower )

After this, products for Mother's Day:
Tiny Hands bar, Mums ballistics )

Then the Japanese tragedies prompted the release of Japan Aid soap ), which you can still snaffle in the shops right now if you want. It's for a good cause, after all.

This year's Easter items included:
Donkey Oaty, Fluffy Egg & Hippy Chick ballistics )

There is also a limited edition Bunny Knot Wrap, which is now sold out in most of the shops but can still be acquired online.

The Dirty range, aimed mostly at men, was unveiled in time for the sudden warm weather - more on this later as the Dirty items will have their own post.

Last but not least, the Street Party ballistic has been re-released to celebrate the Royal Wedding: Street Party )

Phew! I think we're caught up now, so next I'll be looking at bath melts & perfume ranges, please do send along any and all reviews & contributions.

Happy Easter!
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Here is the first of our archive posts about Lush's shower gels, past and present. Below are a bunch of reviews; more will be added to this post as they occur, and changes to this post will be flagged on this community as they happen.

Showel gel reviews: Chai; (The) Comforter; Flying Fox; Ghost; Glogg; Grass; Happy 4 SAD; Happy Hippy; Karma; (The) Olive Branch; Rub Rub Rub; Slammer; Snow Fairy; Sonic Death Monkey; Tramp; Uluru; Yummy Yummy Yummy )

It should be noted that almost all the shower gels can be used as bubble baths if poured under running water and fluffed up. They're reasonably effective, some more than others (thinner, clearer gels appear to work a little better than thick or creamy ones), but it's another way to try them out if you're bored with what you've got. Please check previous post by [personal profile] numberland here for more. Perhaps a discussion post about gels as bubble bath is merited?

Have you used these or any other shower gels? Please let us know and we'll happily add you reviews to ours.


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