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This is a really big list, because it includes Lush, B & Gorilla perfumes. Over the years, the Constantines have been responsible for rather a lot of fragrances, in a number of different forms. I've covered ones that I have knowledge of, but it's nowhere near exhaustive. I've never managed to get my hands on Big, Jungle, Floreat or Flirt, for starters, so as ever, please chip in with opinions if you've ever used these, or any other Lush-related scents.

American Cream )

Amondopondo )

Bathos )

Breath Of God )

Black Pearl )

B Scent )

Snowshowers, aka Champagne Snowshowers )

Cinders )

Cocktail )

The Comforter )

Day Of The Dead )

Dear John )

Dirty )

Exhale )

Fever )

Fire Tree )

Flower Market )

Ginger )

Go Green )

Honey I Washed The Kids )

Icon )

Imogen Rose )

Inhale )

Karma )

Keep It Fluffy )

Ladyboy )

Love )

Lust )

The Olive Branch )

Old Delhi Station )

Om )

Orange Blossom )

Oudh Heart )

Potion )

Sakura )

Silky Underwear )

Skinny Dip )

The Smell Of Freedom )

The Smell Of Weather Turning )

Snowcake )

Something Wicked This Way Comes )

So White )

Sultana Of Fragrance )

Superworld Unknown )

Tramp )

Tuca Tuca )

Two Hearts )

V )

1000 Kisses Deep )

I haven't given any of these products marks out of 10 as I just feel fragrances are too personal for them to offer much in the way of useful guidance; however, don't let that stop you if you'd like to!
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Time for another archive post! This one features different kinds of lip products. As ever, if you've used these or any other lip products from Lush, please comment and we'll be happy to add in your reviews.

Lip Balms & Tints: Double Choc; Eggsnog; Happy Talk; Honey Trap; It Started With A Kiss; Lip Squeak; Let Them Eat Cake; Maple Taffy; None Of Your Beeswax; Snow Fairy; T-Tree Simplex; Whipstick )

Lips Scrubs & other related products: Bubblegum; Lip Dip; Mint Julips; Sweet Lips; Ultrabalm )

I also find some of the Lush moisturisers can work well as lip treatments when your lips are suffering. I've had particularly good results from Celestial, Skin Drink and Vanishing Cream. For a big pick-me-up for sad lips, rub in some moisturiser then cover with a layer of Ultrabalm, just before you sleep. What are your solutions to winter lip unhappiness?


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