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Okay folks, I know that more than just [personal profile] numberland is interested in a swaps meet, but they and I are the only people to have filled in the Doodle poll re. dates so far.


Please go fill in! :) there are three options for each date/time - yes, maybe and no (green, yellow and red respectively) so you can even be non-committal about it!

Lush Swaps

Mar. 1st, 2011 05:39 pm
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[personal profile] nanaya and I have been discussing hosting a [community profile] lushies swaps meet for a while. Basically, a lot of us have stuff we don't want, and know people who might want it! So let's get together somewhere with the stuff we don't want and offer it up to our friends. Simples :)

Primarily a Lush swaps meet but any other similar cosmetics you have like Urban Decay, Barry M, Body Shop, eyseslipsface, Sweet Libertine... vegetarian/vegan, fairtrade, organic, bright colours, natural, you get the idea - are welcome too.

If you're interested, fill in this Doodle poll to indicate the best dates for you (preferably with your DW username rather than real name - I get confused when "real names" are used ;)

Note: March 27th is the date of the next Dreamwidth London meetup at [personal profile] cesy's place in south London.
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Dear Lushies, I have some Lush stuff surplus to requirements which you might like (do we have a swapshop/freebies tag?)

Any of this is free to a good home, just PM me your address. However if you do have spares then let me know as I may be interested (particularly if they're Hybrid!).

1) Honey Trap lip balm
2) Lip Service lip balm

I just don't use these any more since they introduced Beeswax. Both tins are partially used.

3) Coco Lotion hand/body lotion, 50g pot
4) Charity Pot hand/body lotion, 50g pot

These were freebies which I didn't like. Both pots have been tried but not used to any great extent.

5) Ginger soap (the pink version), unused lump
6) Happy soap, unused bar
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Greetings! [personal profile] nanaya has suggested a new event to try and get the community going a bit: Blog Your Bath.

If you have a particularly noteworthy bath (and showers) - post about it, including a mini-review of each of the cocktail of products you used.

So, go forth and blog your bath!


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