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Thanks to the lovely friend_of_tofu, I have absolutely loads of Lush goodies in my bathroom. Sorry for the delayed write up L - I hope to update semi-regularly and I do really appreciate your generosity.

BATH BASE: I used The Carrot for my bathwater. It bubbled up very well and like all Lush bath products, created a silky soft bath. The smell wasn't particularly strong, but I didn't mind really as sometimes when having a Lush bonanza bath, you lose a bit of smellegent notes in the blend. The green, plastic carrot top bit seemed a bit pointless since it's headed straight for the bin, so I'm knocking a point off. 9/10.

FACE: Turkish Delight is one of the more expensive products, and I use it sparingly as a face wash. The *real* rose-scented goodness and creaminess work a treat on combination skin. 10/10.

HAIR: A bottle marked 'mystery shampoo' was almost certainly I Love Juicy, as the blast of grapefruit indicated. It produces masses of squeaky clean bubbles and invigorates the scalp. The smell can be a bit full on, but would be a brilliant for an early morning shower. 7/10.

HAIR: Followed by Veganese conditioner - I do love American Cream for it's gorgeous vanilla scent, but it's way too heavy and leaves my hair feeling greasy. Veganese doesn't have much of a strong scent, but it's very light and very useful for long, tangly hair. 8/10.

FACE: post bath I moisturised my face with just a wee bit of Gorgeous moisturiser - another very expensive treat. As the Turkish Delight is so soft, I sometimes skip this step but felt I needed a bit more help today since my skin's been a bit flakey. It's a bit soupy, not as thick as other Lush moiusturisers I've used, but a little bit goes a long way. I didn't really get much of a strong scent which was a bit disappointing, and based on the price, would give it a 5/10.
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Thanks to my dear and generous friend [personal profile] nanaya I received a late-Xmas gift of a HUGE amount of Lush goodies, given when we met up yesterday. I'd ordered some goodies as a treat to myself but now I have a TONNE of things and can participate in the fun!

I began my shower by breaking a few chunks off a Sex in the Shower emotibomb. Note: this was VERY difficult and I had to use a pestle to smash it! This is because the 'bomb is rather big and my shower cubicle is tiny. Like a bath bomb, it fizzes immediately upon contact with water, and filled the shower with lovely jasmine - not too overpowering that it masked my other products. (note I LOVE jasmine and so this scent was the big feature). Not quite as fun as a bath bomb, but Does What It Says On The Tin (tm) and as I'm able to squeeze a few more showers out of it, I award Sex in the Shower 9/10.

Then I used both Iced Wine jelly and Joy of Jelly, respectively, as they both came in the same box. I used them at room temperature with a shower puff - the soft, creamy bubbles left my skin baby smooth and were really fun. Scent wise, I didn't find the Iced Wine as chemically as [personal profile] nanaya, however I do think in this case the emotibomb won out. Joy of Jelly was the perfect match for my bomb - with ylang ylang, jasmine and musky, sandalwood-y scents, it's like a much cheaper Dune perfume. Iced Wine 3/10, Joy of Jelly 10/10.

I'm always wary of combo shampoo/conditioner, but my love of jasmine meant I had to try Godiva. Like all of Lush's solid shampoos, it left my hair squeakingly clean, and lathered up gloriously. Shea and cocoa butter provide the softening agents. As I've just stepped out of the shower, I can't vouch for how long the lovely scent lingers just yet. I topped up my snarly mop with a tiny pea-sized amount of American Cream, which I've found to be too heavy for a regular conditioner, but in this case it added the extra moisturiser I needed. In future I may try for a plain unscented conditioner so it doesn't risk covering the shampoo smell as AC is VERY vanillay! Godiva tentative 8/10, America Cream 5/10 (lovely smell but just too heavy for everyday use).

Washed my face with boring Johnson&Johnson. Dull ;)

Then I used Cosmetic Lad moisturiser on my face. A thick, dense moisturiser, it's meant for post-shaving burn, but works fine as a regular moisturiser and happily (and obviously for Lush), for a 'man' product, it doesn't have that awful, chemically fake man-scent that I think of as 'Nivea Blue'. I wouldn't use it every day because I think my skin might go all spotty with the rich, oily base but lovely as a treat. Cosmetic Lad 7/10.
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Reposted due to entry being eaten for no reason.... lost comments but still have the entry...

Combination of blogging my bath and just talking about some of the products I like. Not bothering about the Friday thing because, waiting for the right spoons/time when spoons aren't better used elsewhere to occur on a Friday is just a little silly for me.

So, I've been using a range of products I think my favourites have to be between the solid shampoo bars in general and Glögg shower gel but there is a lot of other awesomeness.

So a bath I recently had. First half a bar of Bearded Lady Bubble Bar - it's relatively neutral but wonderful bubbles, really soft water and a lovely gentle fresh scent. Great for a relaxing soak and good read.

I'm currently experimenting with solid shampoo bars which are awesome in many, many ways. So I'll review these more distinctly:

For a good clean and reducing itching and dandruff it is undoubtably Soak and Float. The smell is a bit odd and does mix badly with other smells so I recommend using a pot for this one but the smell is nice a deep and less strong when actually applied. It's definitely effective and I actually like the smell when there isn't other's to clash with it. For clean and anti dandruff 8.5/10 (as I still feeling itchy afterwards sometimes), for smell 6/10.

For a gentle bar that's really good for unhappy hair and isn't too smelly and leaves the hair nice there's Ultimate Shine which is really lovely on the hair with a lovely gentle scent. 8/10

My run away favourite on smell and enjoyment has to be the oddly named New Shampoo which has quite a strong warming cinnamon smell which is lovely but doesn't last very well. It also seems to leave my scalp feeling really nice, virtually no itching and just generally nice. 9/10.

For conditioners I have had a bit more of an issue I've tried Jungle Solid Conditioner which it's nice be really hard to get enough on my hair and leave my hair very dry and frizzy I'm now starting using American Cream. We shall see.

Anyway, I often use Soak and float and the New Shampoo for both dandruff and then smell/itching and with conditioners that's lots of chances for other administrations. As previously mentioned I love Glögg shower gel, mulled wine shower gel, just wonderful, lots of smell and cleaning and feeling really soft afterwards. I may have got rather a lot of bottles. I can't think of much wrong with this 9.5/10.

For more careful cleaning of particular areas I'm using Figs and Leaves. It's pretty good, leaving skin soft and a nice smell but I'm failing to get really inspired about this so 6/10.

I'm using Almond and Coconut smoothie for areas which would like a more gentle wash. I have to admit to using this for my face as I need to do that in the bath as I can't generally stand and wash my face of the sink for which it's working wonderfully. Also areas prone to eczema. Really gentle and moisturising but it wouldn't go far used over the whole body I think. 8/10

Then out of the bath I use Dream Cream on areas that need it, it goes a reasonable way and feels lovely, we shall see have well it works for eczema. Something to review once I've used a while I think. Then Creme Anglaise which is ridiculously priced but lovely smell and really soft making. I shall just have to experiment with other vanilla products.

And finally lip dip which is just really rather awesome, wonderful taste and seems to keep lips moisturised

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Hey hey hey, it's Blog Your Bath Day!

[personal profile] alextiefling & I recently acquired a Matryoshka, a new(ish) Christmas gift product, so the very welcoming baths we had on our return from Europe seemed like a good opportunity to test it out.

The Matryoshka is a rather charming seasonal gift in the key of apple; it is two halves of So White soap, one red and one green, each moulded into the shape of the traditional Russian doll. Inside the smiling shell, one half contains a small So White bath ballistic and the other half containing a mini-Cinders. The whole is wrapped in a patterned square of reusable cloth wrapped around the soap doll like the classic peasant shawl.

So, visually, it's an aesthetically delightful ensemble, a clever idea which looks adorable and fits together well. Children would probably love it, but it's not childish, even if the Cinders ballistic is cinder toffee-scented. It goes almost without saying that this is not a good product for those who don't love apple, as everything other than Cinders is the delicate green apple scent of So White. Fortunately, we both love the stuff. One slight downside if the Matryoshka is that it's not separately wrapped and can be very prone to suffering in a damp environment, so it needs to be kept extra-dry or used quickly. Both the ballistics we tried were slightly lacking in fizz, which was slightly disappointing as I remember the full-size Cinders I tried previously as being a touch more exciting, but I fear we may have failed to keep it in optimum conditions. Nevertheless, it's one of the more toothsome bath treats in Lush's current stocks, being sweet but not sickly. [personal profile] alextiefling had the So White mini-ballistic in his bath and thought it was moderately good, being in his own words "gentle, inoffensive and calming". It is only a little frothy, not getting near bubble bar territory, and is overall pleasant without being overpowering. The slight trick with both is getting them out of the soap shell into the bath without breaking either; this needs a bit of careful bending, wiggling and shaking, and should be done BEFORE you get in!

In my bath, I also used the green half of the soap. It smells lovely, but has no particularly outstanding qualities (eg exfoliating, moisturising, etc) and is also a slightly tricky shape to handle in the bath, though oddly it seems better suited to the shower. I'd say it's more of a hand soap really, and the red half in particular is an excellent guest soap, with its cheery little face smiling at all comers.
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Greetings! [personal profile] nanaya has suggested a new event to try and get the community going a bit: Blog Your Bath.

If you have a particularly noteworthy bath (and showers) - post about it, including a mini-review of each of the cocktail of products you used.

So, go forth and blog your bath!


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