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So, I was going to do this as a blog your bath but then realised that much of it was the same a previous.

Yesterday, I wanted something more then a normal bath but not feeling necassarily like a bubble bar or ballistic so I followed [personal profile] nanaya's suggestion and used Glögg shower gel as a bubble bath. I worked rather wonderfully. Much lighter then a bubble bar but that's what I wanted, with lots of bubbles from not much liquid and as you shift around and bubbles burst you get wafts of smell. Wonderful. Other then that the bath was much as before except that I used Almond and Coconut smoothie more widely and it does smell divine but not sure how well it lasts as you wash it off.
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Yes, it's what you've all been waiting for! The latest limited edition specials are here, and they're better than I expected. So, without further ado:

The Ex-Factor ballistic
– lots of vanilla in this year's Valentine's range. TEF, in keeping with what seems to be this year's theme (sweet, light, a bit floral) is also a fairly airy proposition, and of course it makes sure the Lush factory can use their gingerbread person moulds again! This effervesces delighfully and leaves the whole bath a brilliant turquoise barely two shades away from the ballistic itself, while the scent itself is excellently set off by the synthetic musk, which gives it something of an energising prod. It seems to have had a positive effect on my mood, certainly, so I have to give it a thumbs up for that. Incidentally, while Lush Times doesn't appear to mark this as vegan, the website does, so I think that was just a printing oversight. 6.5/10

Would I buy this again? I think so.

The Frog Prince ballistic
[personal profile] alextiefling – cute shape! Bright red lips contrast with the slightly lurid green body of the frog, which is otherwise similar to Avobath in appearance. In terms of fragrance, it is both more citrus and more herbal in fragrance, but has a similarly balanced quality in terms of its scent blend. The cocoa butter is barely noticeable except in the composition of the red lips; it had little noticeable effect on my skin, which felt nice afterwards but not particularly buttery. The two components of the ballistics (lips and body) dissolve at different speeds, meaning the bright red lips remain visible after the frog's features have dissolved, and then themselves dissolve into an oily red residue which dissipates rapidly and fortunately doesn't leave red marks. The final surprise comes when the frog's body discloses a paper portrait of a 'handsome prince' (actually a Lush employee wearing what looks like a Burger King crown); in my case, the bore the motto, “Prince Brahim was made to kiss you”. Very amusing. A pleasant and relaxing bath, 8/10, would kiss the Frog Prince again!

- the bag label describes the little frog as “verdant”, and that's a good word to use, because my immediate thought on smelling it was “green”. Not the green of Grass or Tramp, which are unreservedly wild scents, but more of a cottage flower garden. Stronger than Love Birds but still a relatively gentle fragrance, the jasmine and ylang ylang made for a charmingly fresh floral combination which actually, shock, makes one think of live flowers rather than a vase-bound bouquet. The ballistic is fast-acting and fizzes vigorously to give a bright green bath; its little lips (like those from the Fever massage bar) are fatty and dissolve in a thin stream of red (slightly worrying, but it dissipates), presumably being where much of the cocoa butter from the ballistic is concentrated. It's not too greasy a bath, though, nothing like a Butterball.

Would I buy this again? Probably, but not obsessively. A cute gift.

It's Raining Men shower gel
– OK, I'm impressed. I enjoyed this far more than I expected. IRM is described as having the Honey I Washed The Kids fragrance, but honestly, quite a few Lush products have said that, and they're all subtly different. The medium matters (on which point I should say the gel itself is moderately thick and opaque while lathering well). This does indeed have the honey-toffee quality, but again, like all this season's products, it's light, and it's also got a really juicy balance of florals and citrus which makes the overall smell positively edible. The lotus and tiger lily elements give prominence to the flower-honey base, while the sweet orange is really noticeable; it might be that or it might be the bergamot, but something pushes the scent into overdrive. Positively wakeful without being sharp. I'm so going to be stocking up on this one. 9/10

Would I buy this again? HELL YES. Not vegan though, obv, although the rest of the range is.

Love Birds soap
– really, really creamy. That's the first thing I noticed about Love Birds. White and fairly soft (with a little decorative coloured motif, ever so slightly reminiscent of the borders around Russian folk art), this has only the slightest lathering effect and mostly produces a luscious white coating which smoothes onto the skin. If this were old-school Lush, it would probably have been a buttercream and, indeed, like the new soap versions of buttercreams, one obvious downside of it is that it gets used up relatively quickly, although I still got a lot out of my little testing sliver. As to the smell, it's very light, gentle enough that it's hard to dislike. I initially worried that a combination of vanilla and jasmine could be unpleasantly oppressive (not helped by Lush's own description of it as “fluffy, girly and exceedingly sweet (but not sickly)), but it was actually Keep It Fluffy, a fragrance I found dull in ballistics (see elsewhere) yet think is a great idea here. It's not a strong smell at all, and is sometimes barely noticeable (remember of course that my sense of smell sucks!); I get a bit of not-too-sugary vanilla and only the tiniest touch of jasmine, so fear not if you're a jasmine-hater. Love Birds should be tried by people with delicate skins and sensibilities; people who dislike perfumed cosmetics may find this to be helpfully unobtrusive, and after fairly extensive washing with it I find my skin not dry but soft and ever-so-slightly fragrant. Mm. 7.5/10

Would I buy this again? Yes, definitely.

Magic Mushroom bubble bar – it's Super Mario bath time! Makes total sense to me as a Valentine's product, because we know Mario & Princess Peach were aaaaaall about the romance. These came out last year and, like an idiot, I failed to pick any up, so this is my first time as well (ooer), and yes, the terrible puns are back again. The overall fragrance is strawberries & cream (ie strawberry milkshake), but it's not spread evenly throughout the mushroom; the cap contains the strawberry scent while the stalk is vanilla, so you can choose how much you want in the bath at once. That said, you will need at least half for a properly deep and foamy bath. It produces a fair amount of large, semi-stiff bubbles which will very slowly collapse over the course of a long soak. The water turns a flamboyant pinky-red shade but the aroma overall is fairly gentle and sweet, not sharp. This would be good for children's baths as it's cute and fun and smells like sweets. It's not at all chic or sophisticated, but it's nonetheless enjoyable for all that. Doesn't leave much scent on the skin. 6.5/10

Would I buy this again? I might, in the right mood. It's not going to be one of my favourites, but I did enjoy it, and I like edible-smelling baths.

Lush has also released 2 new gifts for VD, the smaller P.S. I Love You and the moderately-priced hatbox Be Mine. Both are a mix of existing and new limited edition products themed towards sex & romance. I'm not going to buy and review them individually because there's nothing they contain that I now haven't tried and I'm not made of money, sadly, but I will say that the smaller gift is vegan and is more shower-orientated, while Be Mine contains a bath melt and It's Raining Men and is therefore a bit less versatile. Pretty box though.
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NB: Yesterday's post didn't appear here for some reason so I'm reposting it. I have also decided to include emotibombs in this archive list as well, since there aren't very many of them and they're also shower products. Please feel free to contribute further reviews of these or any other products, and they will be added later; I've already included those reviews I've had so far.


Smoothies are a bit of an odd conceit, a creamy body soap which doesn't really lather much but is very gentle. They aren't the thing if you're really dirty, but they are excellent for those of us who are on the sensitive side. In terms of value for money, they generally don't go nearly as far as soap, but they have additional moisturising benefits to consider. I regard them as more of a treat than an everyday thing. Some people also use them for facial washes, because they're so delicate. They're slightly more suited to showers than to baths, but can be used in either.

Smoothies: Creamed Almond & Coconut; Dreamwash; Gumback Express; Lush Lime Smoothie; Turkish Delight )

Dammit Lush, bring back Scrumptious!


Also a sui generis Lush conceit, these are meant to be the equivalent of bath ballistics for people who don't have baths. Obviously they don't have the same impact on the skin as a bath product and are mostly perfume, chosen to highlight particular moods. Opinions on emotibombs seem sharply divided; many people regard them as quite pointless, or otherwise disappointing. Others really enjoy them as a sort of shower aromatherapy. Although a single emotibomb is supposed to do for a single shower, they can also, like bath products, be broken up and eked out further if one doesn't want the whole thing at once.

Emotibombs: Sex In The Shower; Too Drunk; Up You Gets; Up The Wooden Hill; Double-Fast Luck )
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Thanks to my dear and generous friend [personal profile] nanaya I received a late-Xmas gift of a HUGE amount of Lush goodies, given when we met up yesterday. I'd ordered some goodies as a treat to myself but now I have a TONNE of things and can participate in the fun!

I began my shower by breaking a few chunks off a Sex in the Shower emotibomb. Note: this was VERY difficult and I had to use a pestle to smash it! This is because the 'bomb is rather big and my shower cubicle is tiny. Like a bath bomb, it fizzes immediately upon contact with water, and filled the shower with lovely jasmine - not too overpowering that it masked my other products. (note I LOVE jasmine and so this scent was the big feature). Not quite as fun as a bath bomb, but Does What It Says On The Tin (tm) and as I'm able to squeeze a few more showers out of it, I award Sex in the Shower 9/10.

Then I used both Iced Wine jelly and Joy of Jelly, respectively, as they both came in the same box. I used them at room temperature with a shower puff - the soft, creamy bubbles left my skin baby smooth and were really fun. Scent wise, I didn't find the Iced Wine as chemically as [personal profile] nanaya, however I do think in this case the emotibomb won out. Joy of Jelly was the perfect match for my bomb - with ylang ylang, jasmine and musky, sandalwood-y scents, it's like a much cheaper Dune perfume. Iced Wine 3/10, Joy of Jelly 10/10.

I'm always wary of combo shampoo/conditioner, but my love of jasmine meant I had to try Godiva. Like all of Lush's solid shampoos, it left my hair squeakingly clean, and lathered up gloriously. Shea and cocoa butter provide the softening agents. As I've just stepped out of the shower, I can't vouch for how long the lovely scent lingers just yet. I topped up my snarly mop with a tiny pea-sized amount of American Cream, which I've found to be too heavy for a regular conditioner, but in this case it added the extra moisturiser I needed. In future I may try for a plain unscented conditioner so it doesn't risk covering the shampoo smell as AC is VERY vanillay! Godiva tentative 8/10, America Cream 5/10 (lovely smell but just too heavy for everyday use).

Washed my face with boring Johnson&Johnson. Dull ;)

Then I used Cosmetic Lad moisturiser on my face. A thick, dense moisturiser, it's meant for post-shaving burn, but works fine as a regular moisturiser and happily (and obviously for Lush), for a 'man' product, it doesn't have that awful, chemically fake man-scent that I think of as 'Nivea Blue'. I wouldn't use it every day because I think my skin might go all spotty with the rich, oily base but lovely as a treat. Cosmetic Lad 7/10.
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Reposted due to entry being eaten for no reason.... lost comments but still have the entry...

Combination of blogging my bath and just talking about some of the products I like. Not bothering about the Friday thing because, waiting for the right spoons/time when spoons aren't better used elsewhere to occur on a Friday is just a little silly for me.

So, I've been using a range of products I think my favourites have to be between the solid shampoo bars in general and Glögg shower gel but there is a lot of other awesomeness.

So a bath I recently had. First half a bar of Bearded Lady Bubble Bar - it's relatively neutral but wonderful bubbles, really soft water and a lovely gentle fresh scent. Great for a relaxing soak and good read.

I'm currently experimenting with solid shampoo bars which are awesome in many, many ways. So I'll review these more distinctly:

For a good clean and reducing itching and dandruff it is undoubtably Soak and Float. The smell is a bit odd and does mix badly with other smells so I recommend using a pot for this one but the smell is nice a deep and less strong when actually applied. It's definitely effective and I actually like the smell when there isn't other's to clash with it. For clean and anti dandruff 8.5/10 (as I still feeling itchy afterwards sometimes), for smell 6/10.

For a gentle bar that's really good for unhappy hair and isn't too smelly and leaves the hair nice there's Ultimate Shine which is really lovely on the hair with a lovely gentle scent. 8/10

My run away favourite on smell and enjoyment has to be the oddly named New Shampoo which has quite a strong warming cinnamon smell which is lovely but doesn't last very well. It also seems to leave my scalp feeling really nice, virtually no itching and just generally nice. 9/10.

For conditioners I have had a bit more of an issue I've tried Jungle Solid Conditioner which it's nice be really hard to get enough on my hair and leave my hair very dry and frizzy I'm now starting using American Cream. We shall see.

Anyway, I often use Soak and float and the New Shampoo for both dandruff and then smell/itching and with conditioners that's lots of chances for other administrations. As previously mentioned I love Glögg shower gel, mulled wine shower gel, just wonderful, lots of smell and cleaning and feeling really soft afterwards. I may have got rather a lot of bottles. I can't think of much wrong with this 9.5/10.

For more careful cleaning of particular areas I'm using Figs and Leaves. It's pretty good, leaving skin soft and a nice smell but I'm failing to get really inspired about this so 6/10.

I'm using Almond and Coconut smoothie for areas which would like a more gentle wash. I have to admit to using this for my face as I need to do that in the bath as I can't generally stand and wash my face of the sink for which it's working wonderfully. Also areas prone to eczema. Really gentle and moisturising but it wouldn't go far used over the whole body I think. 8/10

Then out of the bath I use Dream Cream on areas that need it, it goes a reasonable way and feels lovely, we shall see have well it works for eczema. Something to review once I've used a while I think. Then Creme Anglaise which is ridiculously priced but lovely smell and really soft making. I shall just have to experiment with other vanilla products.

And finally lip dip which is just really rather awesome, wonderful taste and seems to keep lips moisturised

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Never, ever, drop a shower scrub in the bath. Nothing good will come of it! (except fascination and amusement at the resulting fail)

That is all. Oops!
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Time for another archive post, this time about products which tackle the delicate skin on our faces. Fresh face masks not included as they have their own category.

I should make clear that my own skin is dry, very delicate and prone to irritation, so my experiences come from that perspective. Because of this, I haven't used Herbalism, Dark Angels or Ocean Salt and would be best advised not to. If you've used them, please tell me more as I'd love to include your perspectives. I'd also love more reviews of all the products from people with different skin, as I'd like to see what works best for each person.

So, here we go:

9 to 5 – yes, I was one of the many Lush customers clamouring for a liquid cleanser. I appreciate the sustainable qualities of solid cleansers, but sometimes a liquid cleanser's part of the need for speed, so I was very pleased to see this appear in 2010. It's so far seemed as good as its word too, giving a light and refreshing cleanse without leaving a greasy film, and the orchid scent is very pleasing while not being too strongly floral. I'll admit, I haven't used it on heavy make-up yet, but as one of only two options for eyes, it's very nice having something a bit less formidable than Ultrabland. Well worth a try, in my opinion. 8/10.

Angels On Bare Skin – this is a great staple product, being gentle enough for delicate skins while also offering a little essential exfoliation by way of its ground almonds. It's not strongly scented but is very pleasant, and small amounts can go quite a long way. After rinsing, my skin feels pleasingly taut and soft. It can be a little fiddly not to lose bits (especially in the shower; don't try and apply it in there!), but it's undeniably effective. Great choice for those with combination skin as it tackles oil & dirt while being gentle enough not to worsen most problems. That said, if my face was particularly sore or flaky, I'd use a non-gritty product instead, probably FF or AM. 8.5/10

Aqua Marina – this is another soft fresh cleanser but it doesn't have the ground-up nuts of Angels or BdN to scrub, which is an interesting choice as this is supposed to be better for oily skin. Seems particularly pleasant when your face has been irritated and needs soothing, so good during the proto-spot phase. Probably best recommended for skin which suffers from both grease and dryness, as it really is very soft and gentle, but the downside of that is that it doesn't quite as long as some other products. Does indeed smell of its inspiration the sea, but not too strongly. 6.5/10

Babyface – only just discontinued this year (and still available Stateside), Babyface was a reasonably long-time Lush staple and one of the earlier solid cleanser bars. It's a peculiar sort of thing which seems as though it shouldn't really work (wipe on grease, remove with warm water? The physics is odd to a layperson like yours truly), but does so better than expected. It never left me with quite the wonderful soft skin that a lot of people raved about and was in fact a little heavy on the residue for my tastes; nevertheless, I can't deny that while I didn't really adore the feel after using it, it had perfectly good results. I wouldn't be going to any great lengths to acquire it but it does have its fans. 5/10

Buche De Noel – very like AOBS but with added seasonal cranberry and brandy inclusions. This is very good stuff, slightly more luxurious in quality than AOBS while no less effective. I think you can smell the booze in it quite strongly, which might be off-putting to some. A seasonal special, this is a reworking of a fresh face mask from Xmas 2009 called Santa's Rice Porridge. It seems we may see BdN return at some point, although it's very hard to be sure. That'd be a good thing, but I can't see it staying all year round as it's an obvious AOBS rival. Not the most delicate face product, somewhere in the middle, but I've had very good results. 8.5/10

Coalface – this is a strong and fairly aggressive cleansing soap designed for oily and problem skin. A good choice for flare-ups unless your skin is also dry and delicate, this tackles the problem of spots below the surface well but it isn't as gentle as many of the other products and is too vigorous for many people; Dark Angels is the loose cleanser recommended if you need something even tougher than Coalface. Good at getting off tough dirt or clearing out blackheads, I can't say I like the liquorice smell of it, although if you do then it's all good. 7/10 (2/10 for me personally).

Fresh Farmacy – if Coalface is too much for your skin, this is what you want. A wonderful product for when your skin is really unhappy, the camomile works beautifully to calm inflammation without drying your face out. I've used this successfully on many occasions when my skin's been sad. I do miss the old version, with its layer of yellow flowers on top which could be popped over a particularly bad patch to act as a poultice. However, new-look FF works just as well, as far as I can make out. Strongly recommended; the only criticism I could make would be that its scent (also used in serum bar Full Of Grace) isn't very interesting, but that's really a good thing as highly scented products are not always the best idea when one's feeling delicate. It works fine when skin is calmer, too. 9/10

Grease Lightning – really does do what it says on the bottle. I can't say much about this one, except that it's surprisingly effective at getting rid of spots, especially those painful red bumpy proto-spots which hide under the skin and irritate. Can be slightly tricky to get the right amount out with the pump as you really don't need a lot, so be sparing. I was advised by a shop assistant that wiping the area clean with Tea Tree Toning Water before using Grease Lightning, and reapplying GL every couple of hours, was the best way to do it, and having tried that I can agree that it is effective. If you can't use the tea tree, other toners will probably do as well. Not a glamorous product, but bloody useful and not unaffordable either. 8.5/10

Mask of Magnaminty – Lush classify this as a cleanser along with their face products. I find this a bit odd and would usually class it either with the fresh face masks or with the body scrubs; still, it's here for avoidance of doubt. A *very* enlivening mask, you can really feel the menthol tingling away when you put this on. Cheerfully fresh smell which persists even when it's been opened for a while. Good for both faces and backs, this really shouldn't be used if your skin is sore or flaky, but it's good for tired, greasy or spotty skin. Feels very nice on the body generally, and can indeed be used as a mask everywhere; try it on any rough or bumpy bits. I haven't noticed dramatic improvements in the spotty back department, but it may need to be used regularly for that and, of course, back masks are not every easy to apply to oneself. Refreshing as hell, and it keeps a lot longer than the rest of the face masks, but it's not the thing for when you're feeling delicate as it's quite robust. 6/10

Queen Of Hearts – a soft rose-scented slab, this is a good everyday facial soap. I prefer FF for really unhappy skin, as QOH is ever so slightly drying (a good thing when skin is slightly oily), but it's an excellent all-rounder which is also pretty nifty value for money, as I find a bar lasts a good long time. Sadly, it's only on Retro these days, but it's the sort of product worth making a Retro order for. Very versatile and good for most skins; if you're a rose-lover, this should make you very happy. 9/10

Sweet Japanese Girl – I always much preferred this to Babyface, which is interesting considering that Babyface was the option designed for delicate skin. SJG, while, er, tending towards slightly worrying Orientalism (it was apparently created by a Japanese designer but I'm not sure that matters), was a damn good product. The contours of its 'face' made it very easy to apply around the fiddly T-zone, while the gritty exfoliating particles reduced the level of greasy residue it left behind. It was too scratchy for make-up removal really, but performed very well on light to moderate daily dirt. I hope they bring it back but it seems unlikely. 6.5/10

Ultrabland – surprisingly excellent for removing really heavy make-up without scraping or pulling at the skin, I nevertheless find this far too heavy for everyday use. It's pretty much pure grease, but it works on the slap like magic. It also keeps an incredibly long time, so having a tub around only for occasional use is still worth it. Strongly honey-scented, though (ie unvegan) and quite tricky to get off anything else as very little dissolves it. 8.5/10 for make-up removal, 4/10 for regular use.

Have you used these or any other Lush cleansers? If so, please comment and give us your review for posterity, or post it separately. All input is good.

[NB For reasons of practicality, serum bars will be included with moisturisers, even though they're sui generis. Hence their non-appearance here.]
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Christmas has happened - the time of year when more Lush than usual floats around - and the sales have been and gone. For those who don't want to trade things online, who likes the idea of a Lush Swap Meet? Probably in a pub or something like that. Bring your spares with you, try other people's things, trade and give away as you like.

Is this a good suggestion? All in favour, comment below.
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They may have been giving out some of their more expensive products such as what I received (the Creme Anglaise in the free stuffs from the Christmas sales. I'm rather loving it but won't be able to afford more at the eye watering price of £25 for some time so using it sparingly. Having said that, I would be wanting to do so anyway as it's great on hands and a lovely smell but more than a little and it could get very smelly very easily. But yes, vanilla and almond soft hands, it does really well at leaving hands soft and smooth, markedly so from even a couple of uses of very small amounts.

I shall be posting rather more when I have the time, so, that'll be not soon then.....

Heads up

Jan. 8th, 2011 11:50 am
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Next week, I shall be reviewing Lush's new Valentine's product range. As soon as they get here, I'm on it!

Looks as though the key fragrances for this year are jasmine and vanilla. No surprise on that score, but I'm keen to see what they do with them.

Don't know about you, but I'm excited already.


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