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[community profile] lushies is an unofficial community for lovers of Lush Cosmetics to share stories, photos, reviews, excitement for new products and anything else you feel like, as long as it's related to Lush or it's former sister company, BN2B2BB.

There should be tags for everything in the UK online store, although they won't be visible if the product hasn't been tagged before; if that's the case your post will be tagged for you. If you find a product that doesn't have a tag, drop one of the admins a PM with a link to the relevant product and I'll add a tag for you. The community is open to people from other countries than the UK, but I'll create you a tag for your country if the products you're writing about are not available in the UK.
Do check the tags list carefully; the list is organised using the same categories as the Lush website uses, but they may not be instinctively obvious - for example, soaps are under the "bath" category. Some other notes to bear in mind:

  • .discontinued is for items which are no longer for sale at all, even in Retro. This is the tag to use if you want to say "I miss x and I want it back!"
  • .limited edition is Limited Edition products not connected with seasonal ranges.
  • Although scrubs and smoothies are under both shower and bath on the website, they're only under shower in the tags list here.
  • Specials have their own categories; currently there's a Day of the Dead special (Calavera, Lady Catrina, &c.) and a Christmas special (Snow Fairy, Glögg, &c.)

If you'd like to share photos, please use a cut, and only put one photo outside of it. You're welcome to post up to ten more beneath the cut. All photos, no matter where they are in your post, should display at no more than 500px wide or tall, though of course you can link them to hi-res versions if you like. Please don't post photos that don't belong to you without permission.

[personal profile] nanaya and I are compiling archive posts containing reviews of different products - there will eventually be a post of mini-reviews for shampoo, soaps, other hair products, gels, jellies, etc. It's just us doing these, so that all the posts are in the same format - but we may ask if we can borrow your review to include (with credit of course) if you write something we think is awesome.

Any other questions, just ask!
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