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Lush has been releasing a lot of new products since the turn of the year, so I've decided to acknowledge the posting hiatus by taking a look at recent spring products. Please feel free to contribute any more reviews you may have.

First of all, there was a forum party in February, which produced 5 special one-off products:

Calacas shower gel – one of my very favourite Lush scents of all time, I'm slightly sorry to have to report that this isn't quite as amazing as other Day Of The Dead products though it is still lovely. Less neroli and agave, the gel is more straightforwardly limey, which is fine by me as I adore limes, but arguably lacks a bit of the subtlety of the perfume or the soap. Fairly thick and brilliant green gel, translucent rather than creamy, this is beautifully cleaning and doesn't last long enough of the skin, IMHO, but I'm biased. Even though I adore it – well, possibly because I do – I can only give this 8/10 as it hasn't quite managed to exceed its own growth. Please put the scent in more (vegan) produce, Lush!

Snowshowers shower gel - OMG my favourite jelly ever in gel form! How could I resist? I have to say, I think this is the apotheosis of Snowshowers. It has previously appeared in both liquid and solid perfume, in the (Champagne) Supernova ballistic and of course in the jelly, but the February 2011 forum party produced Snowshowers as a very thick ivory-white lustrous creamy shower gel, and this is just fantastic. It showcases the delicate and complex orange-cognac fragrance beautifully, and it feels gloriously smooth on my skin. Lathers reasonably well but leaves a bit of silky residue which is ever so slightly moisturising. I really, really think Lush should put this on general release, but there's no way I'm an impartial observer here. So, a very biased 9.5/10 from me.

Twilight shower gel – As I've said before and will say again, lavender's not really for me. Twilight's a relatively pleasing lavender scent which appeared in 2010 as one of the new layered ballistic designs. It's a combination of lavender and malt and it aims to be sleep-inducing and gentle on the skin. Unlike the pink ballistic, this one-off shower gel is a bright mauve and is fairly thick, opaque, somewhat creamy and a tiny bit shiny. The malt tones down the ticklish edge of the lavender and makes it sweeter, but not overpoweringly so. Quite pleasing really, cleans well and is generally nice. Ideal for people who adore lavender but want a more varied scent. 5.5/10 for me as a lavender hater, which means it's pretty good.

Moon On A Stick ballistic – yay! This is completely indulgent! Feb 2011 forum party one-off made for forum member Rowan, this is one of Jack Constantine's layered ballistics which really does come on a stick and wrapped like a toffee apple, with pretty silver ribbon. Packaging is fab. The outer layer is grey-white and has moulded craters, just like a little moon. This froths vigorously but slowly; the final bit of mine lasted almost to the end of a fairly long bath. The initial white foam from the exterior combines with inner streamers of blue froth from the core, which turn the bath water a deep grey-blue shade. The blue froth contains many small silver stars (aka “knicker wasps”), which can get caught in hair and ears and so on if you're not careful. There's a smaller inner white “moon” which also contains quite a bit of silver glitter. While the sparkles aren't especially annoying, this is not by any means a sensible or particularly relaxing product. The fragrance, on request, is that of Ghost shower gel, a delicate pale lily scent which I find charming. It can also be found in newly-returned Retro product Lily Savon soap, for those who enjoy it. I thought MOAS was great fun, albeit not a practical item. Good for cheering baths when you're not too busy, not at all suitable for a quick dip. 8.5/10.

OBE-Wan ballistic - great for a quick & refreshing dip, OBE-Wan is yet another interesting citrus with a complexity & depth to it which is very pleasing, if not very long-lasting. Excellent for cocktailing with softer scents; try it with a Butterball for something more soothing. 7/10.

[personal profile] alextiefling – This is made to resemble the medal of the OBE, with a gold glittery coating. The ballistic itself is a vivid deep pink colour and its shape means that compared to spherical ballistics, it has a huge surface area (fun fact: the usual spherical shape provides the minimum possible surface area for a ballistic). The difference this makes is that when you put it in the water, the OBE-Wan goes 'WHOOSH!' and dissolves very vigorously and rapidly. The glitter floats off immediately and clumps together in little shiny bubbles. The rest of the ballistic colours the water a dusky pink shade and releases a pleasant smell. The scent of this ballistic is dominated by the bergamot, reminiscent of Earl Grey tea, with its nutty citrus aroma. The other elements, olibanum & elemi oils, add an incense-like undertone; the effect is delightful and relaxing, although it's not without its invigorating elements. This is a good ballistic for any time of day as it is neither too soporific nor too sharp. The glitter seems to dissipate harmlessly. I'd definitely recommend this. 8/10.

Then, also in February, Sweet & Shower was released to coincide with the campaign against Tar Sands:

Sweet & Shower – very new limited edition product for February 2011, this thoroughly odd shower soap was specially created as part of a protest against tar sands extraction. It looks like, and pretty much is, a pot of molasses! It smells great, deep dark treacly brown sweetness. Do you like molasses, treacle toffee, brown sugar? Get some quickly before it's gone again. If you hate those smells, avoid at all costs as nothing good will come of your interactions. S&S also has added aloe vera, which makes it delightfully soothing. It's thick, sticky and you only need to use a small amount as it lathers quite mildly. I would regard this as being a good choice for a shaving soap, for body rather than face. As a note of caution, I probably wouldn't use it around genitals as I'd worry that the high sugar content might provoke an unpleasant outbreak of thrush, but for that reason I also haven't tested my theory and it may be wrong. More practically, S&S is quite messy, it drips and it sticks and it can leave quite a few marks if not carefully used. All that being said, I find it really quite cheering. I've not yet used it on my hair but those who have report that it leaves their hair unusually soft afterwards. This won't be around for long so if you're at all curious, you may want to stock up now while there are still a few available – it's already sold out online AFAICT, and you might have to resort to Ebay now. 8/10.

After this, products for Mother's Day:

Tiny Hands – limited edition Mothers' Day 2011 release. This is not a massage bar as such but is in fact a hand cream in bar form, similar to the now-discontinued The Soft Touch. It's warmed between the hands until the cocoa & shea butters melt. The scent is extremely gentle, a mixture of vanilla and different petals (marigold, safflower, camomile) with aloe vera; pleasant but unobtrusive and slightly reminiscent of discontinued Mirror Mirror cream. It has similar pros & cons to The Soft Touch and may prove a good replacement from the perspective of some people, but it's a very different kind of scent, a florist rather than a bakery, so it won't do for everyone. I found it worked well enough, and was pleased to discover than a little goes a fair way. That said, it still seems like a better idea for use at night than during the day. Good overall but I currently don't find it to be world-beating, which is perhaps useful if that means I won't miss it when it's gone. 7/10.

Mum's ballistics - we've seen these before in previous years. Again, we get flower-shaped ballistics with wildflower seeds impregnated into the labels. So, use the ballistics, then plant the label for more flowers. This year, the 3 available choices were Avobath, Space Girl & Vanilla Fountain (previous releases have included Sakura & Candy Fluff). The ballistics are used up slightly quicker than the globe forms but are otherwise indistinguishable. There was a special gift including all 3 in a decorative vase, but that has now gone. I shan't mark these individually as they are pretty similar to their predecessors.

Then the Japanese tragedies prompted the release of
Japan Aid soap – a LE charity product, this Japanese flag is a thick, creamy white coconut soap which lathers up readily. It's similar to the DCed I Should Coco in scent, but the texture is a lot softer and doesn't have the scrubby addition of dessicated coconut pieces. Nicely gentle on the skin, this combines well with the coconut hair products Lush offers and is a really luxurious hand soap. Not an amazingly distinctive creation but well worth a try if you love coconut. 6.5/10.
, which you can still snaffle in the shops right now if you want. It's for a good cause, after all.

This year's Easter items included:

Donkey Oaty – special limited edition Easter ballistic with a slightly embarrassing !Mexican! theme, this is indeed shaped like a little donkey and is packed full of yellow & orange paper streamers which leap gleefully into the bath. Because of its shape, DO fizzes up very fast (see also OBE-Wan), so it's a good choice for a quick dip but perhaps not if you want extended indulgence. It has a scent which is quite reminiscent of Charity Pot, with all its delicious cocoa butter, but it seems just a touch more flowery in tone than CP, and a touch less like food. Quite a soothing soak especially for delicate skin (the oats also help there), it's not particularly messy as the streamers dissipate fast. Although I don't think it's one of Lush's greatest, it is rather a nice treat and I want to buy more while I still can. A real treat would be TWO of them in one bath; alternatively, its gentle fragrance mean it cocktails well with other bath products. It would be nice if this could hang around for a bit. Don't watch the video, though. 7.5/10.

Fluffy Egg - the return of a LE from Easters past, this is a bright pink egg-shaped ballistic with the Candy Fluff scent of strawberry candy floss. I'm not too fussed about this but it's perfect for fans of Snow Fairy & Creamy Candy. 4.5/10.

Hippy Chick – the Happy Hippy scent in ballistic form, this cute Easter special has also been seen before. It is indeed shaped like a white & yellow chick and smells of grapefruit. While I'm not the greatest HH fan, I found this even less appealing as a medium, since the scent seemed both less strong and less invigorating, though it is certainly at its best when used very fresh. It does not last long and lacks pyrotechnics of any kind. Meh. 3/10.

There is also a limited edition Bunny Knot Wrap, which is now sold out in most of the shops but can still be acquired online.

The Dirty range, aimed mostly at men, was unveiled in time for the sudden warm weather - more on this later as the Dirty items will have their own post.

Last but not least, the Street Party ballistic has been re-released to celebrate the Royal Wedding: Street Party – a re-release of this classic to celebrate the Royal Wedding. It's quite large, greyish-white and has a piece of Union Jack ribbon embedded in it. The scent is another citrus but an especially pleasant one as it's mostly litsea cubeba, which is quite reminiscent of lemongrass, and therefore makes this ballistic quite a good combination with Stepping Stone foot scrub. There's also some lavender in it, but it's not that detectable to me. Quite a vigorous choice, this contains a frankly ridiculous, and annoying, amount of gold & multicoloured glitter, which gets EVERYWHERE. It also contains a bunch of pink glitter hearts and a long red piece of paper confetti. So yes, this is a very full ballistic with a lot of activity going on. I like the scent a lot but honestly think SP could do with being a little less exciting overall. No more glitter in my pants, ta. 6/10.

Phew! I think we're caught up now, so next I'll be looking at bath melts & perfume ranges, please do send along any and all reviews & contributions.

Happy Easter!


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